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Start by marking “Pat of Silver Bush (Pat, #1)” as Want to Read: Lucy Maud Montgomery was a Canadian author, best known for a series of novels beginning with Anne of Green Gables, published in The author of the famous Canadian novel Anne of Green Gables, Lucy Maud Montgomery.
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More about L. Pat of Silver Bush Embed. New here? Don't you? Chapter The Rescue of Pepper No! Judy, don't tell me such things about Bets.

Pat Silver Bush, Used

I'll not hear of it. We are so sorry for our middle names because they are never used. We think they feel bad about it. It involves bathing — in moonlight, not water. Chapter Shores of Romance Oh! What an adventure Pat gets into now! Why, she's now turning 13? My, my. And she didn't even slap her relatives this time when they visited. Chapter Mock Sunshine I love this line I have my doubts. Chapter Ashes to Ashes Goodness, this is heart-breaking!

My poor Jingle. For just as for Pat, he will always be Jingle to me — and by no other name can I call him. It has been foreordained, a teacher is what Pat must grow into, whether she wanted a career or not. She'll never be the same again. One of the most unique lines in the book. And another favorite from this chapter, showing off some of Pat's fieriness?

Pat of Silver Bush by L. M. Montgomery - Chapter 1 Introduces Pat

Harris laughed. I would say it's the saddest chapter yet. However, the next chapter title warns of more tragedy, and I hardly don't know what to expect Chapter One Shall Be Taken This chapter certainly swiped away every bit of happiness, and it all came so out of the blue. Binnie always said when she told of it. A bit reserved A bit odd Maybe it feels like me. This was a great look into Pat's life at school, her interactions with Jingle, who may be her only friend there. But I love hearing about their trips home together on the weekend, and about how McGinty always makes sure to travel over to Silver Bush — always at the right time to see his master home.

Chapter Fancy's Fool These young gentlemen just don't know that they shouldn't speak of Silver Bush in that way. Of course, maybe they know now. We're back to the good old days, of Pat and Jingle wiling their precious time away together in the most charming of ways. What quirky remarks they share with each other, and yet they understand each other perfectly.

Chapter Shadow and Sunshine A very touching chapter, although I'd rather not talk of it and give away any of the plot here. He'll have her yet. What intriguing words, leaving me anxious to see what happens in the sequel. And so The 'first fine rapture' of youth was gone. Jul 18, Jenna St Hilaire rated it really liked it. The Pat books were written within about ten years of Montgomery's death, in a time when her writing had become—whether due to fashion or to her own life difficulties—rather episodic and a little more prone to mistakes, as well as somewhat given to a dreamlike overuse of ellipses.

Pat's story, though difficult to get into at first due to lack of overarching plot, gradually gains the reader's full attention. Montgomery could create impressively lifelike and memorable characters with very simple strokes of the pen, and while she limited that to a chosen handful in this story—antagonist May Binnie is as flat as the paper she's written on—among that chosen handful are some of the best Maud ever imagined.

The crown jewel of these is Judy Plum, live-in housekeeper, family caretaker, and superb storyteller. Entrenched in the Gardiner family, practically a close aunt or second mother to Pat and the other children, she and her anecdotes carry the story, sometimes doing more for it than any other force. An artist in the kitchen, in her storytelling, and in her rug-hooking, Judy rivals any Montgomery character for pure fascination.

Pat Gardiner doesn't lose the limelight, however. Entirely lacking in ambition, she also lacks Anne Shirley's propensity for "scrapes" and, more importantly, Emily Starr's cool pride.

Pat Of Silver Bush by Montgomery, L M

She shares their love for beauty, however, and equals or supersedes both Anne's love for gardens and trees and Emily's devotion to home. Innocent and loving, she's a delight to read about despite her one key blindness. That blindness relates to Hilary Gordon, Pat's dearest friend, also known as Jingle. Gilbert is perhaps the most popular of Montgomery's heroes, and Barney may be the most charismatic, but Jingle is superlatively wonderful. Good to the core of him, artistic and sweet, suffering and affectionate, he's got everything going for him.

He even has a great little dog, and I'd be remiss if I didn't mention McGinty as a character in his own right. Anyone who has ever had the honor of receiving a good dog's loyal adoration will recognize and love McGinty. The scattered tales of Pat's childhood and teen years end with three major changes and a hope, and that was more than enough to make this reader take up the sequel.

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I've fallen in love with Montgomery's books all over again. Montgomery's fictional world is beautiful, her heroines are so endearing and Montgomery's places vibrates with love and life. No one can build a home as wonderful as Montgomery's home, made of words. And "Pat of Silver Bush" is a novel about a home. About belonging to a place, loving a place and holding on to a place as the main source to one's identity.

Pat of Silver Bush

Pat does not only think of Silver Bush as her home, to her it is the entire world. Pa I've fallen in love with Montgomery's books all over again. Pat isn't adventurous or ambitious. She is rather simple and desperately clings to her love of the familiar. She considers change evil and doesn't want anything to change.

Not now, not ever. Weddings are frightening to her, because it takes her relatives away, and every time something wonderful happens it is tinged with a hint of melancholia, because Pat knows that even wonderful changes is a change nonetheless. There's a huge difference between a home and a home, and that's what Montgomery emphasizes.

Hillary builds houses, but he can't build a house for Pat, as she simply wants a home. A place where pies are constantly in the oven, where myths and legends are a part of the legacy and where a large family join together in a joyful talk over dinner. This is a novel of domestic bliss. Mar 16, Emily rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: Every female. For some reason, I really resonated with the Pat of Silverbush books. They were realistic to me, and Pat has such a love of home and the familiar, and then there are so many unexpected twists and turns in the plot, like real life, that it was endearing.

Strangely enough, I really liked the part where she has a frightening fever and loses all of her hair. And then when it grows back in curly and a darker color, well, I was just fascinated by that to no end. There's just something so resonating in For some reason, I really resonated with the Pat of Silverbush books.

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  • There's just something so resonating in L. Montgomery's descriptions of home.

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    I felt as if Pat's home was the place we all want to call home with: peach pies baking in the oven, outdoor Eden with trees shimering in the wind, batches of newborn kittens tumbling about, and fresh linens blowing on the line. In short, domestic bliss. And the ending of this book is pretty powerful to boot, considering what Pat overcomes regarding that dreamlike life.

    In my opinion, the Pat books are right up there with the Anne series at the top of Montgomery's list of works.