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The revolutionary, noninvasive treatment for vascular health. Chelation Therapy and Your Health (Keats Good Health Guide) and millions of other books are.
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Wilfrid E. Shute's complete updated vitamin E book Wilfrid E. Shute Keats Pub. Smith M. Evans and Company, Inc. Brady; Gerard E.

Tarcher Glands, our invisible guardians MW. B Grant Williams and Wilkins co. Clark Keats Publishing Paperback L'ecoterapia. McKenna I.

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Brennan; William C. Mulligan M. Evans Nutrition against disease Roger J. Heinberg; J. Murali Doraiswamy; Lisa P. Gwyther; Tina Adler St. Barefoot; Carl M. Trull Hampton Roads Pub.

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Colin Campbell; Thomas M. Phatak; Cheryl D. Garrison; E. This leading authority on aging believes that our natural life span was designed to achieve years.

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This well written and well referenced book is an important addition to the anti-aging library. Hrachovec, Josef P. La Cienega Blvd. Hrachovec went through medical school believing that it was possible to extend the average human life expectancy. His book covers important background understanding to the aging process, and simple interventions that can be usefully initiated. Pryor, Betsy, and Holst, Sanford. Kombucha Phenomenon. The Health Drink Sweeping America.

The Tea Mushroom Handbook.

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This is one of many excellent books on this important economical healthful drink. We strongly recommend this book and Betsy Pryor as a source of your own Kombucha. Rousseau, David, and Rea, W. V6R 2B 8 Canada. This book is very well referenced and carries the practical information necessary for anyone known to be significantly chemically sensitive who wants to try to design a house that will permit them to have reduced exposure to the toxins now commonly found in our homes.

William Rea, co-author, is one of the founding members of the American Academy of Environmental Medicine, and runs one of the most comprehensive medical centers in the world dealing with the diagnosis and treatment of chemical sensitivities. Selye, Hans, M. The Stress of Life. This book was the first authoritative text to explain what medicine has learned about stress.

The author, Dr. Hans Selye, is world famous for his insightful analysis of the general adaptation syndrome. This book is a classic. Note, the same author wrote the book Calciphylaxis.

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Mowrey, Daniel B. Herbal Tonic Therapies.

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Dan Mowrey has written an extremely useful reference book on herbs. We recommend this as one of many books we will all have to acquire to fully appreciate this age-old approach to dealing with health problems. The Scientific Validation of Herbal Medicine. This book provides many of the key references to put herbal medicine on the same scientific footing as other therapeutic approaches more commonly employed in western medicine. Pascal, Alana, with Van der Kar, Lynne.

Box , Malibu, Calif One more excellent book explaining "what it's all about.

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Maybe this is one way to help with our acid-base balance. Stopping the Clock. This very useful text should be in any serious anti-aging library. Weiner, Michael A. Michael Weiner has his degree from the University of California at Berkeley, and is one of our few ethnobiologists. His books are always well documented and easy to read. Since we all recognize the loss of immune function associated with the aging process, these simple steps to help fortify our natural defenses are extremely useful. Gaby, Alan R. Preventing and Reversing Osteoporosis. Every Woman's Essential Guide.

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Alan Gaby is our walking encyclopedia on alternative health practices. He has his B.

He is a past president of the American Holistic Medical Association, a member of the advisory panel to the Office of Alternative Medicine, and one of our most delightful instructors. Since prevention of osteoporosis necessarily means we curtail the calcification of our tissues, we all must become experts on the important information available in this practical and well referenced book. Gaby, Alan, M. B-6 The Natural Healer. Gaby is a world-class authority on nutritional therapies. The references in this book should help everyone avoid the tragic ill health associated with deficiencies of this important nutrient that we find so commonly deficient in our population.

Schmidt, Dr. Michael A. Lendon H. Keith W. Beyond Antibiotics.